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My name is Nick, I play in the Boston and Vermont band Pariah Beat ( Recently we've been throwing shows/parties in our basement in Jamaica Plain with real success. I've been up and down the country a bunch playing music supported by DIY connections, and I want to give a bit of it back. The space is small so I can't book loud bands. I'll be a bit selective who I book, but I'm interested in folk punk, country punk, acoustic and bluesy stuff, things that tickle my fancy. I'm open to most things, I'll let you know if it can work. What I'm willing to offer is a good fill in spot on tour. I will feed and house you, and moreover I will pay a gas guarantee, out of the money Pariah Beat makes playing around. With that said, weeknights are best because I'm not playing elsewhere. We've had some real cool acts, Drug Rug from Boston, Blackbird Raum from Santa Cruz, Kimya Dawson (funny story) and Sundown Songs from New Orleans for example. Unfortunately, I can't guarantee a massive attendance or book really loud bands and frequent shows. Still, I'm potentially a good option for touring bands. Be in touch, and I will try to work something out, no promises of course.

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