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Arkansas Community Arts Cooperative (ACAC) is a non-profit musicians and artists cooperative that is made up of a lot of different kinds of people (i.e. not just rockers). We have 8 years experience in Little Rock hosting shows of a very creative nature and most have been a ton of fun and some have actually raised money. We have recently acquired a space for music and art. Capacity is about 300 people. We have set up shows for all kinds of music, and we also like to think outside the music box, we will do traveling art or puppet shows, theatre, multimedia, film, workshops, dancing, educational, pie-eating contests, etc. We only have time for a couple shows per month at this time, but we do them well. Mondays are usually not so good here. It helps to have a bit of a name to bring people. Our space is not huge but feels weird when there are only 5 people there so please don't take it personal if we can't take your show on. We are all volunteers and have real jobs, so unfortunately it may take a few days to get to your requests. We need at least a month's notice for shows and have a strong preference for two or three month's notice really. But feel free to contact us and give it a shot. Here are the rules for booking a show at ACAC: Musicians: contact a local promoter to get an event here. Here are a few who book at ACAC, and others are always welcome. Contact if you want to rent the space to do your own events at ACAC. Please do not message us via myspace. * Casey - everything but no emo, hardcore, metal, or country - * Adam - noise, experimental, punk - * Phillip - folk (punk folk, folk rock, indie folk, etc) and indie rock - * Andy - punk/hardcore, metal, noise - Poets: contact Coffy Davis – ; Please do not message us via myspace. Visual artists, workshop hosts, thespians, and all others: contact with your event proposal. Please do not message us via myspace. If you don’t fit in any of the above… Locals: contact if you want to rent the space to do your own events at ACAC. Out-of-towners: e-mail and we”ll try to assist with contacts. But we may not have time, so no guarantees. Please don’t myspace message us. All shows are all ages... and no sexists, racists, or homophobes, please... its the 21st Centutry, people.

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