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7x0x7 is based in Singapore and if you're a DIY-punk band interested in touring Southeast Asia, then we're looking at you (or you're looking at us...)! So far, we have organized and helped out with shows of various bands including (in no particular order): MAGRUDERGRIND (US), CUT SICK (AU), OFF MINOR (US), GRAF ORLOCK (US), AGENTS OF ABHORRENCE (AU), 97-SHIKI (US), CONQUEST FOR DEATH (US/JP), MY DISCO (AU), EUCALYPT (AU), and SPARTAK (AU), with more to come in the near future! Expect some good ol' DIY hospitality, international punk rock solidarity and awesome veg*n food (not cooked by us, unfortunately, but we will bring you to chow down at our favourite haunts). Your punk rock, our friendship. Get in touch!

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