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We are a non-profit coffee house located in the University of Rhode Island that serves fair trade coffee and drinks. We host shows. Please in the email include your myspace and what dates you would like for a show. We borrow our PA from the local Musician Guild, we include two mains and one monitor. It is not the best, and we can only run vocals through it. Please keep this in mind when booking with us. We can not give you a base pay, nor can we charge for show (unless it is a special occasion) but you are more than welcome to setup a donation jar for the show. Any money from that is yours to keep. 193 Degrees does not receive any money made from the shows other than what we sell during the time we are open. While we can not provide you with lodging, if your situation calls for it we will try and arrange something, but please LET US KNOW AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Thank you!

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