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I am a freelance tour manager and van driver based in Barcelona, Spain. I own a 8 seater Ford Transit T350L van with XXL loading space and I am always looking foward to working with new bands that tour around Europe. I have toured and worked with bands such as FUCKED UP, GOJIRA, AT THE GATES, MNEMIC, THE HAUNTED, HAIL OF BULLETS, AMON AMARTH, MACHINE HEAD, THE OFFSPRING, LESS THAN JAKE, GUTTERMOUTH, ADOLESCENTS, COMEBACK KID, KEITH CAPUTO (LIFE OF AGONY), QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE, VOMITORY, DEMIGOD, REGURGITATE, KNUT, CAFETERIA DANCE FEVER, THE LUCKY PUNCH, ADRIFT, BRUJERIA, name a few. I am really into music with attitude and soul and I like meeting creative people around the world and making new friends. I have plenty experience in tour, concerts & festival booking & production and I tour europe at least once every 2 months. My rates are fair and reasonable. I also have a great backline that I also rent to bands, guitar and bass amps, drums, etc... Touring is my passion and I love music so if you find my services suitable for you feel free to contact me as soon as possible!!! Take care! Unai García THE ROOM MUSIC FACTORY 00+34 695723570

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