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Studio Neck (misc) [edit] [flag] Last Updated: 2008-05-05

DIY Travelling recording studio.... and the best part is its FREE!!! Bored with life.. fed up of the same old shit.. I decided I need an adventure. So this is my plan.. I'm heading out to Europe, opening myself up to wherever life wants to take me. I'll have access to a Pro Tools system. With this I will record as much music as I possibly can.. wherever I can - I want to find REAL music from all sorts of people and all sorts of genre's - fuck the mainstream, I want to hunt down the good stuff. So... DO YOU WANT TO HAVE A FREE RECORDING? I will record anything I can. Anything anybody asks me to record, I'll come and record it. I do not and will not charge for these services! Instead, I would ask for merely a bed/sofa/floor to sleep in/on for the duration, and maybe abit of food. Sounds bargainous to me. I am also up for collaborating with bands/artists.. whatever, I just want to immerse myself in the world of music. Interested..?

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