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We specialize in Short Run CD & DVD Duplication with unique and innovative packaging and design options. If you are looking for something creative that will stand out and get your music heard on a wider scale, then we're your people! Located in Philadelphia, PA we are a DIY collective of independent artists, musicians, and freelance designers that hope to make your short run CD/DVD project a reality. Not all bands and independent artists are looking (or are able) to get the required minimum of 1,000 QTY CDs through replication companies. Most local and regional artists only require a few hundred CDs or less. Some would even prefer to have a special or limited edition version of their work available for their friends and fans to pick up at a show. And start up independent labels might only be looking to test the waters for the first press of their latest signing, or want a hundred or so promo CDs to send to the press. DVDs provide a fantastic new medium for interactive press kits. You can include a band bio, photos, press clippings, and other material along with music videos, interview footage, and other material on one DVD with an interactive menu system. Don't know where to start? That's where we come in! We provide quality customer service and CDs/DVDs at a super low price to help you achieve your short run CD/DVD duplication goals. So let us help you out on your next AND future short run CD/DVD projects!

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