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RUSTED LOCK Art & Design Studio (misc) [edit] [flag] Last Updated: 2009-12-13

RUSTED LOCK is an Art & Design Studio. Bands, Labels, Zines, etc., interested in Illustration, Graphic Design, Logo Design, T-Shirt design, Poster Design, etc., get in touch. Some of our works: - BEYOND DESCRIPTION "A Road to a Brilliant Future" LP/CD/CAS [cover ilustration, layout design] - V/A "The Path to True Independence" CD (with Beyond Description, Asbestos, Totsugeki Sensya, Destruction) [cover and back cover illustration, layout design] - Necroterror Records "Never Stop The Madness" 5 year anniversary [T-Shirt Design] - WITHIN THE WALLS "s/t" CD [cover illsutration, 35 page booklet/magazine layout design] - and many more... Check samples of our works on

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