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A World-Class Studio at Rates D.I.Y. Bands can afford Professional Audio Production, Recording, and Mastering Studio Recording-Mixing-Mastering 2 New Studios With Dedicated Drum, Guitar, and Vocal Booths Relaxing - Inspiring - Scenic Hundreds of the Worlds Best 32-bit Effects and Mastering Plug-ins More Tracks - Great Gear


JJ Flale (Posted 2007-01-31 11:41:03)

Awesome man!

agent cody banks...? no. (Posted 2006-02-20 03:21:15)

sean wanted to start a noise project with me when he first moved to cheyenne. that's cool enough.

Slovak (Posted 2005-07-29 10:28:39)

This guy actually wired my guitar with cigar box strings - first actual hit the band ever had. Damn he's good!

Inspector Hector the Homeless Wonder (Posted 2004-09-17 11:13:00)

This guy will make your guitars sound like a cigar box strung with piano strings, and all though that might sound cool, its not

JD (Posted 2004-01-27 18:00:41)

I got to hear my drums on neat headphones! Damn was that shit fun. Shaun is a really cool guy too. Great to work with.

Nicki (Posted 2004-01-20 17:05:44)

I've heard nothing but great things!

Andy (Posted 2004-01-15 21:00:16)

Price and quality are superb. Makes you feel stupid if you have previously gone to Denver to record for three times the price and half the quality.

Chad (Posted 2004-01-15 20:59:16)

Great work. I won't take my projects anywhere else. Completely professional recording and production.

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