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3EYESDESIGN's mission is to provide quality service for a low price. While most design companies claim the same provision, Three Eyes Design's guarantees it. We enjoy working closely with our client to ensure every design is personalized in the fashion which both the designer and client can agree on. We are open to create more than one design should our clients not approve the previous. 3Eye's philosophy revolves solely around customer satisfaction; if we cannot please you, we are not doing the job right. In addition to quality design, we understand that most bands don't have the largest budget. In these cases 3eyesdesigns has NO PROBLEM negotiating fair and balanced prices. We want you to return! Our designs include: * Websites (4 Different Packages) * Myspace layouts (3 Different Packages) * CD Covers (Digipacks, Jewel Cases, etc.) * Envelopes * Business Cards * Letterheads * Advertisement Banners * Flyers * Press packs * EPKs * Posters * Merchandise Cards * T-Shirts * Plus more (that I can't think of at the moment) If you are interested, or would just like more information do not hesitate to call or e-mail 3eyesdesigns at: 321-720-6911


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