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chicken whistle whekordzZz (label) [edit] [flag] Last Updated: 2010-01-23

Chicken Whistle WhekordzZz was started back in the Summer of 2007 ..... It came to be from a collective of Massachusetts Musicians who we're in to making music that was pure, honest and expressive.....No One on Chicken Whistle WhekordzZz aspires to be on MTV one day .....All we could hope for at Chicken Whistle is to make enough money to press our own albums and Tour, in a self-sustaining Fashion,...... Chicken Whistle WhekordzZz was originally called A Million Hands Records until someone pointed out that it sounds like a charity..... So One day back in April 2009....Alto Jeffro(Founder) was having a Nervous Breakdown and eating Psychedelic Mushrooms, playing a house show back at A Million Hands Headquarters also dubbed "Mortville"...when Ry Ry of Black Steel Peacock put a lighter in his mouth and started saying the phrase "Chicken Whistle WhekordzZz, Alto Jeffro being on Psychedelics decided this would be the perfect name for our strange collective of Bands..... Chicken Whistle WhekordzZz does not discourage any kind of Music that isn't Pure at heart.... If its Heartfelt we will Release it.... There are Many different Genres of music on Chicken Whistle WhekordzZz from Noise (Ununi, Black Steel Peacock, GingerBread Kids,Uncle Naked and the Mystery Priests) to Folk (Gaetana Brown, Alto jeffro) to Deep Space Electronica( I The Eye) to Girl Groups (Ram) to Punk Bands (Bunny Holocaust, Residents of Mortville)....There really is No end to our imaginations!!! if we didn't Express ourselves we would DIE ....So Let's make Massachusetts Great Again.....Up with the Weirdos and down with Massachusetts Butt Rock and guys who are in bands to get Laid!!!!!! Alto Jeffro (Founder of Chicken Whistle WhekordzZz) WE DONT HAVE MONEY TO ISSUE ANYTHING...ALL THE BANDS ON THIS LABEL ARE POOR..............WE ALL PUT OUT OUR OWN ALBUMS, AND MERCHANDISEE..........SO IF YOU SEE THIS AND WANNA DO A GIG GET IN TOUCH WITH ME(JEFFREY) I BOOK TONS OF SHOWS IN MASSACHUSETTS AND THE SURROUNDING STATES.....

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