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WiseAss Records (label) [edit] [flag] Last Updated: 2008-08-10

***NEW CONTACT ADDRESS*** 2008-Brand New Shfux Full Length "They Keep Coming Back"!!! Shfux CD-The Reigning Terror Of King George only $3. New Scabz-n-Bones Comp coming soon.Brand new 2 brand new Shfux CDs available for $2.00 each ppd, Scabz-n-Bones CD comp #4 coming very soon. email for details Scabz-n-Bones CD Comp #3,The home of Shfux. New Special get all 3 Scabz-n-Bones CD Comps 30 bands 70+ songs, plus buttons, stickers and patches all for just $7ppd. Good wholesome music dirt cheap.Write for Free Stickers and a catalog

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