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Sonic Deadline Records (label) [edit] [flag] Last Updated: 2008-11-12

Started in 2005, Sonic Deadline originally began with the intention of putting out just a single release, the Mullet Fever CD from Fuck the Facts, a professional re-release of the bands earlier demo CDR. From there, word spread around and the label began putting out a few more releases, documenting the bands and the scene around the Ottawa/Gatineau region at the time. Although this may not have been the original intention, it was almost a necessary move, seeing as how there weren't many other labels in the area around to showcase and to help out some of the many talented bands coming from around here. Less than two years later, Sonic Deadline has grown exponentially and established itself as one of the premier record labels of the Ottawa/Gatineau region, continuing to put out quality releases from many talented bands who call this area home, as well as branching out to include groups from other cities and countries! Many of the groups who originally started out working with Sonic Deadline have went on to see incredible success, often getting international recognition and going on to sign with even bigger, professional labels. Sonic Deadline will continue to exist as long as there remains a need to showcase and to support the work of all the exciting, challenging bands from around here and the rest of the world!

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