Book Your Own Fuckin' Life

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UPDATED!!! We have 4 releases so far: DESPITE Destroy Your Own Way Of Life (U$ crust) DESITUTION Live In Nancy (Luxembourgian hc/punk) CONTAINER CRUSTIES FROM HELL Benefit For FNB Philippines, Davao (Holland/France crust/grind) HYPER PUNK ATTAK! 4-way split: Standarganda, No To Violence, Positive Outlook and Tanpa Batas (All-Indonesian fastcore) All releases are well-done and cared CD-Rs, not too way out of difference with the original ones. For more info, get in touch with us! Plus, we have an upcoming PUNKFEST going on here in the Philippines, so if you wish, because we really want you, to be part of this or if you have something you'd like to contribute, please drop us a line RIGHT NOW!!! we have this website, there's a PUNKFEST 2005 link there, please click, all what we need is written in there. Thanks a lot for putting your time with this. UP THE TRUE DIY HARDCOREPUNX WORLDWIDE!!!


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