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Rok Lok Records (label) [edit] [flag] Last Updated: 2011-04-06

Rok Lok Records has been putting records out as well as running a mailorder distro since 1999. We are DIY label that doesn't focus on a specfic genre as much as it does the sincerity & creativity band behind a band. Some of the bands that have as well continue to call Rok Lok home are Dude Japan, Sandy City, The Only Ghost in Town, Brick Mower,Deep Pockets, Fellow Project, Weed Hounds, Yes Sensei, Kevin Greenspon, On the Might of Princes, The Third Memory, Damezumari, Loma Prieta, Fire Team Charlie, Olde Ghost,Marshall Teller, Halftime Parade, Empty Silos Echo War,Latterman, United States, Brrr, Nakatomi Plaza, De la Hoya, Destructasaurus Rex, Space Robot Scientists, Stars Are Insane, Bookstore and more. We mainly work with Long Island bands to help document what is going on in our community but if you aren't from LI don't let that discouarge you from sending a demo. Labels from all over please get in touch with us because we'd LOVE to trade records with you. We also offer custom one inch making services so please feel free to check out our webpage for rates.

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