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Parks and Records (label) [edit] [flag] Last Updated: 2009-08-16

About Parks and Records The Courage of K + The Brains of Dischord + The Heart of Merge = Parks and Records! We are a bay area record label that combines the great outdoors and music. The label was started by young lovers Jon and Mimi Fee (aka The Fees or Mijuanito). No strangers to the indie label circuit, Jon (of indie band The Rum Diary) and Mimi were responsible for creating the "translation. music." compilation series back in 2000. The hand-packaged compilations were a huge success and helped launch the careers of indie rock darlings: The Velvet Teen, Xiu Xiu, The Dropscience, The Robot Ate Me, The Rum Diary, Desert City Soundtrack, and many others. Our mission is to; build a community of like-minded musicians and fans, release passionate indie-pop/ noise-rock albums, reduce waste through 100% recycled/reused packaging, and support organizations dedicated to making our planet greener. Parks and Records continues to champion the same DIY (do-it-yourself) creed as the "translation" comps and strives to make the planet greener one song at a time. All packaging materials are 100% recycled/reused. The hand-stamped eco sleeves may appear crude and communistic, however the rationale is to keep costs low for the consumer (you) and reduce waste. Plastic CD cases = carbon. Giving Back In 2008 Parks and Records made donations to the following: National Parks Conservation Association National Forest Foundation Friends of the Urban Forest In 2007 Parks and Records made donations to the following: National Arbor Day Foundation National Forest Foundation Friends of the Urban Forest Parks and Records in the Press Some press about us from 2008: Glide Magazine - "Indie Gone Eco" Plenty Magazine - "Greening the Music Industry" East Bay Express - "Greening the Music Industry" Join Team Parks and Records! Saving the planet is not an easy job and we could use all the help we can get. Aside from recycling, composting, and of course buying our records, you can get involved and do so much more! Email us to find out. Our Demo Policy Listen to what we are releasing. Send us an email. Tell us what you are doing.

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