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Old Skool Kids Records (label) [edit] [flag] Last Updated: 2008-10-26

Hardcore-punk label and mailorder. We have released stuff from Argument 5.45, Changes, Brighter Than a 1000 Suns, Dreams Come True, Vyshka!, Squat Tag Banda, Cut'N'Run, Loa Loa, Excess, Sandinista! (Russia), In. Stora, When My Authorities Fall, Emanon, Saving Daylight Remains, Jaialai (Latvia), Hero Dishonest, Abduktio, Endstand, Manifesto Jukebox (Finland), Bora (Lithuania), Kafka (Italy), Defdump (Luxemburg), Set My Path (Sweden), Kassandra, Jet Black (Germany), Odyssey (Brazil), Thema Eleven (Czech Republic), 100 Inch Shadow (Poland), Page 99, Nine Shocks Terror, Alli With An I, Out Cold (USA), Trencher (England), Amanda Woodward (France), Jiheart, Devil Shoots Devil (Belarus).

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