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Lorelei Records (label) [edit] [flag] Last Updated: 2008-11-17

A culmination of friendship and a love for music defines Lorelei Records. The Santa Cruz-based label started its engine in 2001, with the initiative of Russ Rankin and Joe Clements. Both born and raised in Santa Cruz, California, on a steady diet of skateboarding and punk rock, their first bond was created in the legendary original line-up of Fury 66, where Russ played guitar while Joe took on the vocal duties. Russ has been leading the esteemed Good Riddance (Fat Wreck Chords) for 15 years, playing bass in a side band called Creep Division, and also finding the time to produce other bands in the studio. Joe has been working for Sessions Records since Fury 66 disbanded. He has since played with Audiocrush, Turnedown and Fuck the Hope You Gave Me. Now the band boasts a slew of amazing and talented punk-rock bands from the bay area including: Los Dryheavers, Good Neighbor Policy, Static Revolution, Save Yourself, 30 Years War....As well as releases by: Good Riddance, Creep Division, Here Kitty Kitty, Spark of Life, Audiocrush, The Fire Sermon and I Want Out.

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