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Internal Autonomy - Discography (label) [edit] [flag] Last Updated: 2010-01-23

Front Cover Productions and back2front zine presents: Internal Autonomy - Discography Released January 2010 Double CD in deluxe gatefold digipac with 12 page booklet Internal Autonomy first appeared around the mid-80s, inspired by the anarcho-punk movement but not confined by it either, and over the next decade produced several cassettes and vinyl releases on labels such as Bluurg, Recordrom, Profane Existence, Words of Warning (and, of course, Front Cover when it was a tiny cassette label back in the day), creating a very diverse catalogue of music that refused to tie itself to conservative ideas of what punk was supposed to be or how it was meant to sound. IA could do hardcore punk if they wanted but also acoustic pieces, introspective dark and gothic passages, spoken word or a touch of ska if it suited them and they couldn't care less what it meant because they didn't want to be in the charts or to be the latest hip punkers in town on the front of every fucker's fanzine. They did what they wanted and so should you. The words were always passionate and anarchistic in the true sense of the word and lyrically they raised the bar while many punks bands were still shouting rehashed Clash and Crass lyrics ten years after in all their well-rehearsed anger! This is the first time the band has appeared on CD but rather than merely copy the records in chronological order what you get is a selection lifted from all the 1/4inch cassette and vinyl master tapes including tracks from the first album, all the singles and demos,rare compilation tracks, tracks from the unreleased 2nd album and 4 brand new recordings especially for this project (39 in all!). All tracks have been digitally remastered and painstakingly restored but not so that they're smothered by technology - rather they sound crisp and clear the way they were originally meant to rather than muffled by noise reduction and hip production techniques. The package comes in a tasteful gatefold digipac - I'm told the term is 'deluxe' - with a booklet including sleeve notes by the band and yer man that does back2front zine. If you want to own a slice of anarcho-punk history for a reasonable sum, and you know you do, then make contact at: back2front Part of the money raised from the sales of this project will be donated to Rape Crisis 2010 Front Cover Productions

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