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Idiomism (label) [edit] [flag] Last Updated: 2008-11-23

I find myself excited about music again and would like to share with the world. A new compilation is on the way. Give it three months. In desperate need of distro, money, and promotion. If you can help let me know. At one time I ran another label into the ground called Nothing Enterprises. New comp, these bands have written back with enthusiasm - The Narrows, Evening at the Black House, Japanther, The Pink Snowflakes, Trainwreck Riders, Tulsa, Daddy, Manville, The Mapes, The Flames, Panty Raid, The Wussies, Dirty Looks, The Answer Lies, Glass Museum, and The Unit Breed. Many other bands have been contacted. We will see who actully sends me stuff.

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