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Beer City (label) [edit] [flag] Last Updated: 2011-07-03

Were the DIY skateboard company and record label that's been around since the summer of 1992. Since that time we have put out tons of great releases and make the strongest skateboards in the world!

Going strong since the summer of 1992 Beer City was created to put out releases for hardcore,punk and thrash/metal bands plus anything that was (or was once) under the punk umbrella.

Starting by putting out 7" EP's and then moving up to full length LP's and CD's ; Beer City is now the home to some classic bands such as the legendary D.R.I. , (who started the whole crossover/thrash movement.) Verbal Abuse , The Faction, Toxic Reasons, and Head On Collision.

Through their broad knowledge of media and graphic design Beer City has put out some highly impressive CD's and DVDs and has many CD/DVD releases planned for the future.

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