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BURNING BRAINS THE BAND (label) [edit] [flag] Last Updated: 2008-07-15

Burning Brains The Band Release Everything started when, long time ago, when I was 18 years, I formed my first band of hard rock called Notredame, showing a work that now to the 46 years, I rescue hard rock of 70`s with a band called Burning Brains The Band, with great influences of Judas Priest, AC/DC, Mottorhead, Dokken, Ratt and the excellent Keel band, without a doubt. The songs show the day to day reality, and not forgetting the romantic ballads, that show what a real hard rock band is. Coming along with me my wife Alcyete Caracciolo, who is poet and to song-writer of the band, so she writes the letters in Portuguese and translates into the English. With only two months of formed band we receive an invitation from a great friend called Fred of the Arrepius Store, (store specialized in metal material and rock), to open the show of the DR. SIN, and certainly we accept without a doubt. After two months we opened the show of the band ANGRA here in Belém, what it was a great success. We participate of the program Protótipo from Culture FM Station, and a amazing show at the Store Ná Figueredo (Open Show) and not forgetting it Boteco (Computer Store Bands Contest). We had an interview with the SBT Television and filming of the band in the store Ná Figueredo with 3 presented musics, what it can be seen in the photos of the ORKUT, what showed a much more mature band, with good musicians. We have now our first DVD preformed at again at Ná Figueredo Store and another filmed at Cultura TV. We carry through a show in the Coffee with Art, a very good public. Day 23 of May we had been at Culture Television for alive show to entire Brazil and the rst of the world. In this site below, we have ringtones to sell and to divulge the We want to show for the world that the Burning Brains The Band has a rock with quality and harmonious melodies, showing that still the romantic ballads in the good and old rock and roll still remains. The band Burning Brains: Pablo Monteiro: Bass, Antonio Jr: Vocal, Paulo Fernandes: Guitar, Mário Jorge: Guitarra and Carlos Junior: Drums. Our Band is registered in the Notary's office Chermont Valley and the letters are registered in the sector of copyrights of the UFRJ. At this site we have our songs to sell. You can our songs at this site below We have here below at this site our songs in ringtones for your cellphone. This is the best Rock Magazine in Brazil and the guys are speaking very well about us. Brains The Band Delete Reply Forward Not Spam Move... Previous | Next | Back to Messages


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