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Actitud Mental Positiva Discos (label) [edit] [flag] Last Updated: 2008-07-20

the label started in June of 1996, up to the date ,january 2007, we have 22 releases, but we just continue re-editing 8 Cds) , , some bands are 720ยบ, Nada Que Hacer, Smitten, Klasse Kriminale, Los Fastidios, Expresa Tu Emocion, and some compilations, DIY Ethics are our weapons. we have in our website a list of shows in the Buenos Aires area, so if you are visiting Buenos Aires you can go to the hardcore punk shows here!! get in touch with us. WE speak in English, Parlamo Italiano, NO GERMAN, NO FRENCH LENGUAGE, Falo p

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