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Get Out of the Van (housing available) [edit] [flag] Last Updated: 2010-01-23

Matt and I live in a small one-bedroom apartment near Queen Street West and Lansdowne Avenue in Parkdale, approximately a 30-minute walk to downtown. We used to host just about every band that toured the maritimes (east coast, Canada) in a big punk/party house, but now we're in a much smaller space in Toronto. Bands can crash here, after the party. We have a futon couch in the kitchen and floorspace in the study area. I always recommend that at least one person sleep in the van with all of the gear (can park at the school next door) 'cause theft happens in this city. You can shower! We usually have clean towels. We also have a laundry machine ($1.50 each for washer and dryer). And we'll probably cook an amazing breakfast for you. In the morning, you could go swimming at the rec centre across the street ($3) for winter exercise or borrow a bike and cruise the nearby waterfront trail in the summer. Stretch your legs. We can also point you towards record shops for peddling your wares 'n such. Pets welcome, and you can smoke outside on the fire escape. No jerks.

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