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APARTMENT IN JERSEY CITY (housing available) [edit] [flag] Last Updated: 2008-07-27

Me and my brother live on the bottom floor of a duplex in Jersey City, 10 min. from Manhattan either by road (Lincoln or Holland tunnel) or by subway (PATH train). Buses run frequently into the city as well. We are also 5 min. away from all of the clubs in Hoboken and about 45 minutes from Asbury Park and Red Bank. We have an extra bed in the living room, another extra mattress on top of that, and a bunch of floor space. There is also an old Italian/Irish lady that lives on the top level of the duplex (our grandmother) that loves to cook for people. Alcohol is fine, actually it's encouraged, and there is plenty of room for equipment that you want to keep inside. Parking can be tough, but it can be worked out. The only three rules are no use of HARD drugs in the house, no wrecking the house, and no stealing shit. We're friendly, so don't hesitate.


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