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DELUSION OF TERROR (distro) [edit] [flag] Last Updated: 2011-04-04

Delusion of Terror is a small independent hardcore punk record label and distribution that started in early 2003 and is conveniently base in Bulacan / Manila. The label is solely runned and operated by me (EMMAN). It aims to support and release the finest local and international underground bands and is being run according to the DIY principles. I have 10 releases to date , mostly collaboration with various labels here and abroad (VITAMIN X "PISSED OFF" CD,IT'S ALL IN OUR HANDS 3 WAY SPLIT (HTB/PLAY/FEUD), URBANOS (Arg)/CHOKECOCOI split CD, DISCONVENIENCE "UMEA PUNK CITY" CD, PROLETAR "BACK TO HATEVOLUTION" CD, NEW NAMES FOR OLD DESIRES 4 WAY SPLIT (NUCLEAR PUNISHMENT, ISVARAH, PRAYER OF ENDURANCE, FORGIVENESS DENIED), MAGNICIDE "PHILIPPINE GRIND OBLITERATION TOUR PROMO", BYSTORM/PULLING TEETH, TOTAL BANXAT "SHADOW OF DEATH ON DYING PLANET" ,DEADLY RHYTHMS FROM THE PRODUCTION LINE (ISTUKAS OVER DISNYELAND, LA GRITA, KILLRATIO & ESKAPO), RESISTANT CULTURE " Welcome to Reality" CD, and the latest being the all Asian HC punk compilation CD known as "UNDERGROUND ASIA" plus more are in the wood works so be on the lookout. I also carry CD�s, Tapes, Vinyl�s from various labels abroad ranging from punk, crust, hardcore, thrash, grind, death and whatever else that is brutal, loud, uncompromising and thought provoking. I'm also involved in helping out bands from abroad that wish to tour and play here in our country, that is if time permits. Some of the bands we had helped in getting gigs here in the Philippines are Container Crusties From Hell (France), Demisor (Singapore), SOL (Germany), Vivisick (Japan), Steve Towson (Australia) Vitamin X (Holland) Cluster Bomb Unit (Germany) WAR ALL THE TIME (UK) MAGNICIDE (Singapore) PAZAHORA (Singapore) PISSCHRIST (Australia) and most recently CARBURETOR DUNG (Malaysia). Part of the International Te Amo DIY HC/Punk Conspiracy!!! Contact me at


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