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Covert Coercion Distro (distro) [edit] [flag] Last Updated: 2008-10-12

-=[NEWS]=- Upcoming releases: *imadethismistake - 10inch w/ DL code *Defiance, Ohio/One Reason - Anti-Creative repress *Future Kings of Nowhere - S/T About Covert Coercion: Covert Coercion was started in early 2005 by a group, or collective, of friends and peers who wanted to share their tastes in music, zines and crafts to a wide audience. By working together with other distributions we're able to bring you at-cost items. This means that while other labels and groups may sell their items for profit, we only need to break even We are able to do this by working on consignment and offering great deals to our friends and customers. We feel that if you sell your items for less, you will sell more. In this case that extra money is put back into the distribution either directly by buying new items or giving money/help back to the DIY community

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