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the genetik mistake (band) [edit] [flag] Last Updated: 2008-09-11

THE GENETIK MISTAKE The Genetic Mistake was founded in Israel 5 years ago, plays punk rock'n'roll and has performed in clubs, pubs and private psy ROCK parties and festivals In this days the band members are working in Berlin on a new album and a few video clips. The 4 band members are living together on the studio and working constanly on making great music. The band funds are coming from street performances and live shows, all the profits are going to the band as one! Our concept is to have as many live shows as we can so everyone will know who The Genetic Mistake is and enjoy our music. We are a work in progress and getting new ideas everyday. In The genetic mistake there are 4 members: Omer Haviv-GUITARS & VOCALS Aviran Haviv-BASS & VOCALS Hagay Sofer-DRUMS Noa Rosenthal-LEAD VOCALS The Lyrics, writing, composing and concepts are original. check us up on my space

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