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sleepypisser thunderhole (band) [edit] [flag] Last Updated: 2008-12-11

sleepypisser thunderhole has erupted out of the noggin of tonye barrineau,former songwriter,screamer and geetarist of ragamuffin sleaze. together with skawt west,drummer of sleaze. derek waters of probates legacy,on percussion,and currently pony chincata on bass,with scattered guest performances of whoever wants to get down.(within reason!!asshole) this band is a way for us to express our growing concern for stupid people eating our food,breeding with our chicks and livin in our neighborhoods,police'n and teaching our loved ones and pals= they're oxy-moronic ways of "life" . our artform of choice- witty and pudgy, sometimes tongue in cheek,rock songs. "improvasations thru this ever changin parallax,to put a smile on our faces,not yours",fuck you and buy our records. for booking info,mp3s,and piks,as well as go to to see whats new with other ventures we sink our teeth into.......see yeah,..spitz

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