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she swings, she sways (band) [edit] [flag] Last Updated: 2008-08-17

she swings, she sways came together in the summer of 2005 when John and Cory met Jason and Troy in the only apartment building in downtown Ottumwa, Iowa. John likes Leonard Cohen; Cory sings like he means it; no, it didn't hurt when Jason did that, and Troy's beast-of-an-upright-bass playing is improving. The sounds they make have been compared to those of greater bands like Barenaked Ladies, The Decemberists, Smog, and Whiskeytown. That may be, but what they do know is that they all write songs, they all try to compromise, and they all play acoustic instruments (...mostly). They are helping to build Freakin Records with producer, Matthew Clay, who will be releasing their self-titled EP of what they hope are some nicely strung melodies and sweet harmonies, anchored by a bull fiddle and some subtle beats. Their live performances and their single "Search Engine" have gained enthusiastic popularity among friends and fans, and they are bringing their songs on tour in the spring of 2007.


spooty (Posted 2005-12-23 03:48:14)

This is the best band in Iowa!

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