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rika (band) [edit] [flag] Last Updated: 2008-09-07

rika are three dudes and one dudette from linz / austria. they make music together since january 2005. sounds like mid90s emo with some post-rock influences. meandering guitar lines are interrupted by explosive euphoria and die away in spheres of entwined harmonies. think mineral, think appleseed cast, think sometree. after playing a couple of shows, they recorded their first demo cd-r diy in may 2005, which is sold out by now. in september they did another diy recording session, finishing their s/t full length demo cd-r. since then, rika have played a good amount of shows in and around austria. namedrop namedrop: kaospilot, captain planet, klez.e, clickclickdecker, killed by 9v batteries. in the near future they’re gonna r

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