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Hi, We are Hear Kitty Kitty. We are a band of die hard rock and roll warriors. Our music is upbeat and fun~but it has an edge and a personality that makes you want to keep listening to see what's coming next. Our songs range from pure L.A. rock and roll to hard driving punky power pop where you can't help but pound on the steering wheel to the drum beat and sing along while your speeding down the 405. We have some talented, beautiful, intelligent, and driven women in our band. We were all drawn to the L.A. scene for the same reasons. We came together... for the challenge, the glamour, the beautiful beaches and the beautiful people... but above all for our love of music, and for our need to share that love with our fans. Listen to our stuff. We are unique, we are good, and people really love our music, our energy, and what we are all about. xoxo Hear Kitty Kitty

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