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boom boom kid (band) [edit] [flag] Last Updated: 2008-09-30

bbkid lumpen rock n roll sunshine. from cha-cha-cha ppanolandia he used to be the sinner-singer of the unfamous band called fun people he still play in this planet for some years more as his new name boom boom kid so catch this cat in the next tour mear to your door before he change his name again !!! discography: ido -( single cd) ugly records 2001 can oyu hear me? ( tape ) ugly records.2001 okey dokey double cd -split with IL CARLO (ugly records-2002) oky dokey doc! -picture disc lp(sacro kaabalismo europe2002) split cd( split with the asutralian masters HARD-ONS) ugly records 2003 smiles from chappanoland cd ( ugly records -2004 ) the many many moods of . . . ( ugly records 2006) include 5 inch vinil split with the crazy onemenband pampa boy ELPUS. con amor to : ricardo valenzuela (rebeldes unidos rec. us. 2206) vinil ep. wasabi ( ugly records 2007) and many more pero me olvide ahora... too much crazy films.. too much pep soda in chile .ah! i got a new album out i recorder with meus amigos do brasil DISCARGA nino y junino mas el pelado master bass sellama espontaneos minutos de 2x2 es 16 odas a dada tunes ( ugly records 2008). im always interested to play everywhere so let me know if you want a new kid in your home or a new homie in your dead end.

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