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ā’trĭs has had an eventful year. The band has released their debut album on Mark Records and completed their first national tour. Mason Taylor, who is ā’trĭs’ front man, keyboardist and primary songwriter, said the band is “very fortunate to be able to release [their] debut” on Mark Records. Mark Records has worked with such musical icons as the Goo Goo Dolls, 10,000 Maniacs, and countless others. The company has been awarded over sixty (60) Grammy Entry List appearances, and two Grammy Nominations. Formed in Boston in 2004, ā’trĭs released their debut album, appeal, in November of 2005. appeal features songs familiar to their live show fans including “Green Land,” “Duality,” and “Cactus Bride.” ā’trĭs’ infl uences include R.E.M., Radiohead, the Pixies, Peter Gabriel and David Bowie. The ā’trĭs sound has been compared to Coldplay, the Killers and Muse. ā’trĭs is the brainchild of frontman/songwriter and Berklee College of Music alum Mason Taylor, and producer/songwriter Michael Kreher. Taylor and Kreher added co-writer/guitarist Ben Azar to their team in 2006. The current line-up includes Pat Speece on bass and Pete Koopmans on drums. Azar recorded guitars on the album “The Seven Sounds of Ohm” on NMC records. Koopmans is an accomplished drummer also from Berklee who most recently played drums for Hershey Park’s renowned stage shows. Speece has been a guest performer with such well-known bands as the Mahavishnu Project, Vince Wellnick of the Greatful Dead and Project Object. “The many musical moods of ā’trĭs range from somber and refl ective to irritable and fast-paced,” the band said in a statement. Taylor “...enjoys performing for an audience that respects [his] lyrics.” He feels that the lyrics differentiate ā’trĭs from their peers. “Some people fi nd [my lyrics] obtuse. I make them obtuse enough to let listeners put their own spin on them,” he said. Because of the message in many of ā’trĭs’ songs, the band had a chance to work with Amnesty International in 2005 and participate in the Heifer Project International (HPI). The aim of HPI is to raise awareness and funds for the purchase of dairy and beef cattle for third world countries. As for the relationship between Amnesty International and the band, Taylor had this to say: “Well, a lot of our songs began speaking about equality and dignity. We really were expressing our collective dissatisfaction with the system. Supposedly, all of these structures were put in place to prepare us for the real world, our parents, school, and governmental organizations. Yet here we [all] are, exposed to inequality, hatred, bias, and rising unemployment. The goal of the songs is to present the listener with this. If you have an emotional reaction, it’s because you’re reacting to the truth, not our spin on the truth. Amnesty International’s goal is to combat these inequalities and breakdowns in the system and it really aligns with what our music represents.” ā’trĭs’ sets can last anywhere from forty minutes to 2 1⁄2 hours, depending on the requirements of the venue. Currently ā’trĭs is promoting their new radio single “Orion.”

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