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Zach's Amazing Head Wound (band) [edit] [flag] Last Updated: 2008-07-06

Noise, power, and bursts of anger coupled with tenderness. How can you simply describe a punishing combination of bass & drums featuring former members of THE EGGNOGS, Cap'n Spooty, and J-sun (a.k.a. the brothers Grimm, Josh & Jason Bolinger) Surge. Belay. Represent. Equal parts heavy & beautiful, ZAHW, couples the sludge and intricacies of Josh Bolinger's bass lines with his first attempts at lyrical expression in a band. At first listen, you may recognize sounds that remind you of bands such as TRANSPONDER 5/3, ENEMYMINE, or JUNE OF 44, but upon closer listen, you find elements of melody, and transcendence that will lead you to something more...something deeper. Then, coupled with the steady rhythms and off kilter song structures that find their roots in Jason Bolinger’s ample hands, the songs begin to breathe with life and take you places you would never expect. Raw. Beautiful. Loud.

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