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You, Me, and Us! (band) [edit] [flag] Last Updated: 2008-12-04

Loud, Fast, Angry, and Over. review from PUNKROCKREVIEW.ORG "You, Me & Us – “Beer can Rebellion” – Overall, it's pretty quite simple. “Beer can Rebellion” is an impressive blend of all the elements You, Me, & Us have to offer, and they pull it off damn near flawlessly. From rowdy, chaotic punk anthems, to well thought out political lyrics, it's all in tact on this release. This album isn't for everyone, but if you're alright with an album filled with more politics than a days worth of CNN, I highly recommend you pop this one in your CD or Mp3 player ASAP. Through and through, the Suburban Legends are doing what they love. If you aren't an upbeat political punk fan to begin with, it's unlikely this album will change your mind, but it's worth a shot. If upbeat political punk is your type of thing, then my god, is this album ever for you. It's poppy, it's humorous, it's energetic, and it's simple. You, Me & Us created a great record with top-notch DIY production, intelligent songs, and an unabashed political message. Full of gang vocals, simplistic and memorable choruses, “Beercan Rebellion” is an impressive debut album which will expose the band and their message to more people than ever before. This release definitely surprised me. I find it more accessible and cleaner-produced than many political street punk releases, and it’s lasted longer in my stereo than many other politically charged efforts have. Don’t pass this record off as another anarchy-punk CD with a fuck the government left-wing propaganda attitude. While that’s pretty much what this is, it stands out of the pack with more intelligence and musical talent than most." --Jonny Taint,

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