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What We Feel (band) [edit] [flag] Last Updated: 2008-10-19

About us «What we do, what we feel inside Cant be controlled, cant be described Its in our hearts and its in our souls Hardcore lives – lives through us!» (Last Hope) What We Feel was formed in the late November of 2005 by 5 antifa/hc guys from different cities of european part of Russia, who were a good friends, and wanted to play good music together. Since that time we played with bands from different cities of Russia, from Belarus, Ukraine, Finland, Germany. The most exciting and interesting was our tour with Tackleberry (oldschool hardcore from Kiel, Germany), in which we were making 2 gigs in St. Petersburg, Kiev (Ukraine), and 2 shows in Moscow. Horrible incident happened on the last day in our tour in Moscow. Our friend Sasha Rjuhin was murdered by nazi shitheads on his way to the club, were we had to perform. We’ll never forget you bro. RIP. This murder shocked us all as well, as our German friends, and the whole scene as well. Anyway it forced us to keep together, to be closer to each other. For a month the band was collapsing, but we found strength and forced ourselves to record our first EP – “The Strikes of Destiny”. We were recording all the material in a small underground studio in ST. Petersburg (respects to our friends from Cut'n'Run and Sandinista! And thanks for back-vocals). From that recording we took 4 songs. Those you can listen on our Myspace. This EP will be released as a split CD with great German band called The Force Within by Blood Spit Rec (Tula, Russia) before the end of 2006. After the recording, unfortunately, our lineup changed. One of the guitarists, who was an author of some our songs as well, quited What We Feel. In a few months another our friend and a great guitarist joined us to become a part of WWF. At january 2007 we released our debute LP. It contains 13 songs, and released by An'na Nadel Records (Berlin, Germany) with assistance of Karma Mira Rec (St. Petersburg, Russia). In march of 2007 we played 16 gigs in our first European tour with our great friends Tackleberry. It was benefit tour, in support of russian antifa. Before the tour we got a second vocalist - Sasha and now WWF are 6 people. So, in the second part of 2007 we are thinking about second LP. Our music is an explosive mix of melodic punk/hc, with NYHC influences and social/political lyrics, hardcore scene message. We always support and take a part in an active antifa, antistate, alf, food not bombs movements and actions. We are friendly to all sXe, vegetarian, vegans. But we are not sXe band (most of us are not).


Sasha (Posted 2008-12-13 10:21:46)

Privet Rebja! pauki tut, kak vasche nichego?

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