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The Steady Rollin' Band (band) [edit] [flag] Last Updated: 2010-01-23

No, it's not a flashback; No, it's not a comeback; It's The Steady Rollin' Band Hard and steady drum beats, funky bass line, crunchy riffs, grooving organs, and stellar lead guitar work create the sonic backdrop for tales of protest, young man blues, and of course sex, drugs, and rock n roll. Rock n Roll revivals, The Steady Rollin’ Band have been stunning audiences with their heavy, hard, blue collar brand of rock n roll across the greater Moncton area and beyond since January of ‘09. Composed of five talented young men, Steady Rollin’ has arrived on the scene to bring rock n roll to the masses. No more emo whining, pansy boy bullshit or generic distorted noise- we play real music for real people. Steady Rollin’s much loved style make them the perfect addition to any bill with a history of gigs and venues that include intimate and large scale all ages shows, local bar shows, music competitions, as well as providing entertainment on an event based level. Steady Rollin’ have played established Moncton music venues that include, The Paramount Lounge, Aberdeen Cultural Center, The Firehouse, Lions Center, and Club Bioshebert as well as halls and auditoriums through NB and into Nova Scotia providing a rock n roll show to crowds of up to 400 people plus.

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