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The Ray Gradys (band) [edit] [flag] Last Updated: 2008-06-09

Here is shortened version our bio: Since 1996 The Ray Gradys have been impressing audiences across the East Coast with their creative songwriting and outspoken lyrics. The music is a blend of West Coast punk and East coast hardcore, but still maintains a raw '77 style rock & roll edge. Since the Creation of the Ray Gradys, they have released 6 cd's and toured the East coast twice. In 2002 founding members Earl & Jon decided to move the band from Charlotte, North Carolina to Philadelphia, PA in hopes of widening their fan base and having a greater range of venues that book bands such as their own. Since the addition of Mike Yak on drums we have progressed into one of the tightest and most entertaining bands in the Philadelphia area playing numerous shows with good humor, stage presence and just putting on a damn good show! So If you're ready for Originality in a sea of music that has washed up and out. Get ready for The Ray Gradys.

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