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The Outsiders (band) [edit] [flag] Last Updated: 2009-07-07

The Outsiders are a Post-pop-punk band from Wellington, Zealand. Since forming in June 2008 The Outsiders have been busy touring their home country of New Zealand, and playing alongside bands such as Propagadhi, Smoke or Fire and Lagwagon. The Outsiders also toured Australia in May 2009 and are touring Europe in September/Ocotber 2009. The Outsiders released a self-titled 5 track EP at their first showin July 2008, and when they return to New Zealand after their European tour they will be releasing their debut album. We are looking for promoters to help book shows in Europe, if you think you can help us out please get in touch. If your coming to New Zealand, we'd love to help you out :)

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