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The Novel Ideas (band) [edit] [flag] Last Updated: 2008-10-12

The Novel Ideas is a folk-rock outfit from the sprawling suburbs of Newton, Massachusetts. Daniel Radin leads the group on all their adventures. Originally he started the band because he always wanted to be in a band with a girl singing, and after a My Bloody Valentine obsession, this seemed like a good idea. However, Daniel was not able to make music that sounded anything like My Bloody Valentine and, coinciding with a Neutral Milk Hotel obsession, he bought an acoustic guitar. This worked out much better and Danny Hoshino, Eric Farber, and Luke Pyenson joined the group. Once Eric and Danny sadly left for college they handed their (Danielís) instruments over to Alex Caplow and Will Radin and found that they were pearty hard rockers. Jeannie Yoon (who sings on "Say Hello") found out she likes to sing live and so, she does (with the band). There is no gimmick or core value of The Novel Ideas other than to have no two songs sound the same and to put on an energetic and fun live show. They play a mixture of Folk Rock and other stuff you hear at night

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