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The Nads (band) [edit] [flag] Last Updated: 2008-09-23

The Nads are a political punk music project featuring Jason Ramone & The Star Guitar (a toy guitar used as a beat box and keyboard). The Nads originally from Cornwall Ontario, and now in Ottawa Ontario, have been playing from 1997 to 2005. The Nads have played nearly 100 shows around Eastern Ontario, sharing the stage with bands like Break The Silence (ex-Rise Against, ex-88 Fingers Louie), GFK (G7 Recs), The Riptides, Belvedere, Crane, District 7, Kiros, Radar Hate, The Creeps, Famous in Vegas, A Dying Race, No Other Way, CloseDown, Femme Fatality, Couch Addiction, Fuck The Facts, Sewer Rats, Cobra Noir, The Knockoffs, The Grey, Misunderstood?, and so many others. The Nads have also played "Rock the Vote" events with guest speakers like Jack Layton of the NDP, and Maggie MacDonald of the Hidden Cameras. The Nads have been aired on college radio stations (like CKCU and CHUO), and the Nads even played live in the CKCU studio on three occations. The Nads album "Osama Bin Laden For Prez: Now it is 2004" had ranked #11 on CKCU charts and was aired on their Best of 2003 year end program, and was ranked #10 overall for 2003 by Allan Wigney of the Ottawa Sun, and got three stars in the Ottawa Xpress. Exclaim Magazine says "Jason Ramone, the sole member of the band, has created one of the strangest, potentially offensive, and arguably most brilliant albums you will here all year". Sam Sutherland of Exclaim has reviewed yet another album by The Nads called "A Smile for Capitalism". The Nads have also been on several compilation C.D.'s including Kick'em While They're Down Vol.2 featuring: The Queers, The Dwarves, Moral Crux, The Ripcordz, Dayglo Abortions, The Riptides, District 7, Transit, and The Vapids. Kick'em While They're Down Vol.2 also ranked #35 overall in Canada in Exclaim Magazine for May 2003. The Ottawa Underground and Cornwall Underground Vol.3 compilation CDs both hit the college radio charts too! The Nads have been interviewed in newspapers like the Ottawa Sun, Ottawa Citizen, and the Standard-Freeholder. The Nads have been aired on a CHUM television show and subsequently a T.V. commercial for Speakers Corner on The New RO. The Nads have rocked out at Zaphod's (the same stage Alanis Morissette, DOA, and Greg Ginn played on), and at Babylon Night Club (the same stage the Circle Jerks and Dayglo Abortions played on). Checkout my Mp3's on the CBC New Music Canada website!

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