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The Musical Theatre (band) [edit] [flag] Last Updated: 2009-03-19

The Musical Theatre is a project from Matt Studivan, a singer-songwriter hailing from Massachusetts. His first EP, “Concentrate!?!” was released on February 13th, 2008. Studivan is very interested in finding ways to join the worlds of theater and music into a new forum using both scripted and improvised material, and above all seeks to produce work that is brave, honest and candid. Studivan aims to bring these worlds together with the “Concentrate!?!” EP and it’s accompanying script. These goals come from Matt’s experiences and desire for performing. He graduated with a BFA in acting from Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts in 2004 and created OUtlET magazine, originally an independent theater journal, which he took to Lowell and turned into a collective, organizing various events combining various aspects of art and performance. Matt previously played in the band No Pilots No Demos in which he co-wrote songs, provided back-up vocals, and played guitar with members Mark Henderson (sequencing, vocals, drums) and Dan Adam (keyboard, synth). In late 2008, Matt added two band members to help him during live performances. Mark Henderson(formerly of No Pilots No Demos and Amateur and current guitarist of Javelin) joined on drums and Abe Taber (formerly of Paraffin Section, The Slurred Murrays, Pyotr and Abernathy) joined on electric bass and synthesizer. Matt currently works with the group Friendly Square out of Medford, MA.

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