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The Murder (band) [edit] [flag] Last Updated: 2008-09-28

Based in Boston, The Murder have established themselves as a group with a dynamic and approachable sound not often heard in the genre. Always high-energy, The Murder churn out hard hitting numbers with memorable hooks and sing-along choruses, establishing a connection with an ever growing fan base. With influences as diverse as rock, country and reggae the group is at once blazing new trails in the Boston music scene while keeping true to their punk rock roots. Since headlining their debut show for a capacity crowd in mid-2007, The Murder have shared the stage with acts as diverse as the Koffin Kats, Three Bad Jacks, Dana Colley (Ex-Morphine) and many others. Although they are a relatively new group, Vocalist and guitarist Roach McKrackin, guitarist Pat Gill, bassist Steve B and drummer Snyder are all veterans of other notable Boston bands.

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