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The Livers (band) [edit] [flag] Last Updated: 2008-05-26

The Livers are a band, an idea, and your best friends. We are composed of a pair of young gentlemen named Ian Stroupe and Zakk White ,who bring to audiences a sound considered inventive, and more than that, considered fun. By way of a jam session in April 2007, The Livers was born. This band was once two fifths of the most beautifully horrific punk rock cover band ever to grace the planet. But now we have begun on a blank page, crafting acoustic music with a punk ethos. Our first record is the culmination of days of working in our own little musical chemistry lab to create what we call Sweat And Swing. Ten songs of joy, sadness, and the commercialization of our fair nation say just what our sickly sweet minds have been thinking all this time.

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