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The Famous Monsters (band) [edit] [flag] Last Updated: 2008-10-27

The FAMOUS MONSTERS are a hard hitting 4- piece monster rock n’ roll band from downtown Toronto. The band formed in November of 2004 as a 3-piece with Nick Gorgeous on guitar and vocals and Aaron on drums. As the band grew, and went through many bass players. Along the way they developed their sound, eventually picking up Dave “Two Fingers” Fulton on lead guitar to complete the band. The guys put on an explosive stage show that you just have to see to believe. They are proud to have shared the stage with such legends as The Misfits as well as countless other great bands including The Creepshow, The Matadors, Keepin’6, The Brains, The Heatskores, Test Monkey, The Black Donnellys, The 3tards and more…

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