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The Fake Thing - a tribute to Faith No More (band) [edit] [flag] Last Updated: 2008-05-12

THE FAKE THING A Tribute To Faith No More......Is THE Faith No More tribute band for the Chicagoland area. Based out of Hammond Indiana, TFT plays FNM songs from all of the official albums, plus many of the b-sides and cover songs. All of the members of The Fake Thing are huge fans of Faith No More, and have always secretly wanted to be in a FNM cover band. So they started one, in the fall of 2003. The Fake Thing has a robust lineup of members, with duplicate members for Keys, Guitar, and Drums. The members of TFT have a deep and profound respect for Faith No More and their influence on the music we listen to today. They also enjoy the presence FNM had on stage and wanted to emulate it. So they watched a whole hunkin' lot of FNM videos, and incorporated some of the stage antics, improvs, and song arrangements/alterations into their show. That is, of course, not everything. There is the music after all. The Fake Thing plays Faith No More's music with a gentle balance between the perfect studio sound and the live energy of FNM. One fan told us he closed his eyes and thought he was at a Faith No More concert. Need we say more? Come out and fake it with us!

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