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The Easy Tease (band) [edit] [flag] Last Updated: 2008-11-10

The Easy Tease is the creative synergy of Maggie Carson (banjo/vocals), Adam Janos (piano/vocals), Monroe Ellenbogen (trombone/vocals), and Willis Crichton (drums/vocals). Birthing the band's appeal is Carson's subtly melodic banjo playing, floating through and between trombone-piano duets, anchored by a good old-fashioned drum set. As this borscht bubbles, a unified sound is evoked - one both accessible and mysteriously original. Further spicing the band's stew are its bizarre skits - intensive Japanese lessons, Scandinavian mating dances, lovers' quarrels, etc. The Easy Tease's colorful blend of music and melodrama allows its performers to contribute to the band four clearly distinct personalities. This grants the band as a whole the ability to express a countless array of oft-contradictory yet familiar feelings, from first-date style awkwardness to the pride of an unexpected champion.

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