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The Drafted (band) [edit] [flag] Last Updated: 2008-09-03

Formed in 2003, we play in and around Houston, TX. We've played with The Hates, Vatos Locos, 30 Foot Fall, Secret Agent Bill, O'Doyle Rules (as heard in Benchwarmers), and many others. Two of our members live out of state so we don't play that often, but if you want us to play, just ask and we'll see if we can do it. If you're looking for a tour date in the Houston area I can direct you to people who can help you out but I can't guarantee anything. Email us or do the Myspace thing (, or call, whatever. Check out THEDRAFTED.COM!


Wil Cloninger (Posted 2008-09-22 08:30:07)

The Drafted are the shit. def. book theese guys if you can!

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