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The Disgusteens (band) [edit] [flag] Last Updated: 2009-01-21

Those kids got some problems They wanna find a better way And until they find one They'll keep on shouting "Please kill ME!" --The Disgusteens, "Please Kill Me" The Disgusteens started out in early 2007 with Derek Hargis on vocals, Joe Friday on guitar, Taylor DiModica on drums, and a bass player named Cody. The band name was a satirical play on words derived from Disney Channel’s Disney Teens program. Cody and Taylor both left the band before having any practices, and Leland Elliot sat in on drums for the band's first show at a backyard party in May 2007. Paul Redd joined the band on bass shortly thereafter and helped complete the Disgusteen's sound. That summer, the band recorded their first single, 'Nuclear Girl', with Ruined Records. The promotional single made its debut on the Wednesday night punk radio show "The Blitzkrieg Zone w/ Danny Secretion" and gained the Disgusteens small notoriety in the Sacramento area. In July 2007, Brian O'Blood replaced Leland as a permanent drummer, thus completing the first serious Disgusteens line-up. In 2008, a compilation album called “Bust A Nut” was released, featuring several local punk acts. The tracks that the Disgusteens contributed, "Please Kill Me" and “Dropout”, came from studio sessions financed by O’Blood. The songs from those sessions were eventually released as the “Becky’s Dead EP” eight months later. The band is currently on hiatus following the departure of Brian O’Blood and Paul Redd, But will be back soon to take their rightful place as the Lords of the lewd and the Kings of the crude!

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